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Jewell Treats natural cupcakes are unlike anything you'll find at your local grocery store or bake shop. Jewell Treats are handcrafted from time-honored, natural ingredients; things your grandma used in her cupcakes, and the very reason they are so delicious!


You don't need a chemistry degree to decipher a Jewell Treats recipe. We use the finest natural ingredients, like sweet cream butter, bittersweet Belgian chocolate, pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms, coconut and almond milk in our chocolate-based cake and NO RED DYES.

Signature cupcake flavors include:

Pink Strawberry Sapphire

Chocolate Diamond Sundae

Oreo Black Opal
Cappuccino Coffee Amber

14 Karat Cake
Vanilla Caramel Crystal

Ruby Red Velvet

Turtle Topaz

Chocolate Chip Crystal
Lemon Citrine
Frosted Banana Bougett

Key Lime Jadeite
Platinum Sweet Potato

Peanut Butter Beryl

Blueberry Bloodstone

Pumpkin Peridot


(PLUS: Pies (including seasonal flavors like apple), peach cobbler & a variety of cookies!)

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